Live Your Life from the Inside Out!

When we’re centered, we meet the world from the heart, not the mind. We don’t do drama and we don’t wear masks. We radiate energy that matches our words and actions. We’re grounded and we offer that strength to the world, whether we’re stay-at-home moms or corporate execs. We all have the ability to make this shift. We just need the desire and the right tools to get started.

NineTomatoes Mandalas got me started and they can work their magic on you, too. Start by focusing on one. Add them to the rooms you live in. Wear them. Deepen the experience by personalizing. Or for maximum impact, help create one. It’s not the only way to improve your life, but it’s fun and you’ll love the feeling.

NineTomatoes Mandala "Phoenix"

The mandalas gently radiate their high frequency energy into your world. Watch for subtle changes in the way you communicate, the way you feel around others and the way they behave around you. It’s an energetic shift, and one that will continue to expand throughout your life. I’d love to hear about your experiences, so let me know how it goes.

Here’s to Living Your Life from the Inside Out!