NineTomatoes Super HeroWhat are NineTomatoes?

They’re not just pretty pictures. They’re doorways to total freedom. They’re catalysts and changemakers. They’re here to remind you who you really are, to show you possibilities and to act as guides to unlimited freedom, inside and out.

Why would I want one?

Because they’re magical, like nature. They share the same sacred geometry as nature, life, the universe, the galaxy. The big picture is made up of geometry. It’s that simple, really. And since everything in our world is vibrational, filling your world with high frequencies offers you an opportunity to entrain your own vibe to that frequency. Most importantly, when your vibe is high and smooth, you’re in balance. And when you’re balanced, life is good.

What do I do with them?

Hang them up. Make a lot of eye contact. Pay attention to them. Let them work you over with their magic. Your cells will react to the high frequency in the designs. When your inner geometry catches a glimpse of itself, there’s resonance and you can feel it. Once you have this feeling, you want it again and again. It becomes a way of life.

How will my life change?

You’ll feel more balanced. From there, all kinds of things happen because you’re open to opportunities and possibilities. You’ll first notice the effects when you’re talking with family and friends. You’ll sound different to yourself, and to them. They won’t quite know what’s going on, but they’ll feel it. It’s almost like you have a secret, a new clarity that takes you by surprise. People you meet will react differently too, more friendly, easier to connect with. You’ll lose interest in drama and nonsense. You’ll feel strong. The right people, places and things will naturally drop into (and out of) your day-to-day. You’ll find yourself attracted to new interests, suddenly hit with new urges and ideas. You’ll be hungry for change, willing to take risks to expand your awareness. You’ll feel energized, determined to stay present no matter what’s going on or who you’re with.

How do you make your designs?

Sometimes I get an idea out of nowhere, a whisper or a mental image. Sometimes I’m overwhelmed with the creative urge and I just start drawing. Either way, I follow the feelings until the design is finished, from the drawing all the way through the to the final image. I don’t use a prescribed method, or canned software. I just dig into the freedom and follow the flow.

How do you make personal designs?

Drawings (yours and mine) are full of energy and I love working with that raw material. I usually sit with a drawing for a bit. Once it’s settled, it doesn’t take long for me to get the signal to play with it. Then, as I do with my own work, I just dig into the freedom and follow the flow. Whatever information comes through during the process, I’ll share with you along with the design. Work with me on your own personal design.

What rights do I have to these designs if I buy one?

You own the product, but not the rights to the image. All NineTomatoes designs and images, including personal designs, are protected by International Copyright Law and the Spiritual Laws of Karma. You own the print but not the rights to the design or image. Any reproduction, for any purpose whatsoever, is prohibited, very uncool and will come back to haunt you. If you ask me nicely, I’ll consider licensing options. Please go deep within before lifting, sharing or otherwise helping yourself to any artist’s creativity. It’s their life, heart and soul. Thank you.

Do you print your work yourself?

Yes, we print and finish all our work in-house. We offer all our images on paper and canvas, and we’re really picky about quality. If you don’t see what you want, get in touch. We’ll do what we can to accommodate you.

Do you print larger sizes?

Yes, large prints are definitely a great choice. In fact we recommend large, gallery-wrapped canvas for the most visceral experience of the work. We can also create multi-piece works for large walls or office buildings. Please contact us and we’ll be glad to help create whatever you have in mind.

What does ‘gallery-wrapped’ mean?

Gallery-wrapped means the image is extended on the canvas and wrapped around a wooden frame, giving the image a 3D effect that amplifies the magic.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes. We ship internationally. Some framed work may be too large to ship economically, in which case unframed and rolled is the best option. Of course, we have no control over customs. It can sometimes take weeks, if not months, to break through that barrier. All customs fees are the customer’s responsibility.

What if my image is damaged in transit?

If your delivery arrives damaged, we’ll replace it. Your happiness is our top priority! Please contact us right away. We may ask for photos and more information.

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