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Inside Your Name


One way to connect with Presence is to tune into the frequency of your name.

Your name is energetically aligned with your being. It's like your friend or guide or angel. In my world, that means there's frequency to be interpreted visually. I'm totally visual (you can't tell me directions, I need a map) and so patterns and colors reveal worlds to me. If you're a visual learner, too, then you'll appreciate seeing your name in lights.

NineTomatoes designs are always about tuning into inner stillness. That's my whole philosophy. Tune in, juice up, live in freedom. Doesn't mean it happens overnight, or that nothing will ever challenge you again. It means you'll know where to find what you need to face life with strength, joy, humor and patience… slightly removed from what looks like reality, knowing and expressing who you really are all the time. Makes the whole 3D experience a lot easier to navigate.

Instructions below.


Tell me your first name and I’ll translate it into a powerful, personal image. This design is unique to you and contains messages specifically for you.

I’ll send you a 20×20 full color print of your design on fine art paper, ready to frame, along with a short interpretation of any messages I receive.

Be patient with the the energies at work. I give my full attention to every piece I bring through.

Any questions?

1 review for Inside Your Name

  1. “My mom is doing fair, seems to have good and bad days. She has taken over the guest bedroom in their house as a little sanctuary, and she hung your design directly across the room from her bed. Now it is the first and last thing she sees every night, and I am so happy that is has found such a prominent spot. Makes me feel like it is watching over her a bit, can’t explain it really, but it is a good feeling.” ~S. Henkel

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