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Tune into the unseen side of yourself with a NineTomatoes personal design.

The living light inside your body reveals itself to me in a drawing. I translate the drawing into a snapshot of your energy, like an inside-out portrait. Once you see yourself this way, it’s easier to tune into the truly loving, beautiful person you are. And from there, you can create and shift your patterns – of thought and action – to serve you in a supportive way.

Your design is unique. It brings specific messages for you. You don’t have to interpret them in words, although you can. Simply absorbing the feelings is enough. Let the lines and colors draw you in. Your design will start to feel very familiar to you, like an old friend.

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When you complete your purchase, your name is automatically added to the queue. Currently, the wait time is about three weeks.
Please be patient. I give my full attention to every piece I bring through.

When your design is done, you’ll receive a 20×20″ (with one inch white border) full color print on archival paper, ready to frame. If I receive direct verbal messages, they’ll be transcribed and included with your print. If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch.

1 review for Personal Designs

  1. NineTomatoes

    “My mom is doing fair, seems to have good and bad days. She has taken over the guest bedroom in their house as a little sanctuary, and she hung your design directly across the room from her bed. Now it is the first and last thing she sees every night, and I am so happy that is has found such a prominent spot. Makes me feel like it is watching over her a bit, can’t explain it really, but it is a good feeling.” ~S. Henkel

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