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Geometry Defines Everything

Geometry defines everything. When we remember that, the world looks different. Feels different. We recognize each other on a deeper level, and in so doing, ···

Build Your Dream House

For years, I thought building my dream house meant renovating, adding rooms, buying the best equipment and furniture, and hiring a decorator to tie it ···

The Lines You Draw Are Saying Something

Thinking about working with geometric patterning? The point is to relax. But even if you can’t, the lines you draw are saying something. And whether ···

Imagine the Possibilities

It’s so strange to live in a culture that generally doesn’t value its relationship to the cosmos. It can make human interaction feel weird. I ···

Like Living a Metaphor

A letter from my toughest customer. “As fans of 9T you may or may not know Dana has a twin sister, and that is me. ···

Life Works Out Really Well

Ok, I just spent 5 days immersed in the daily goings-on of an assisted-living plantation where humans hunched over walkers wait for the bus to ···

Spiraling Blows My Mind… In a Good Way

So listen. I can’t really say why, but every time I do a drawing or design, it blows another part of my mind. Cuz they ···

Cliché But True

You can’t take it with you. Isn’t that what they say? Even so, I used to go shopping every weekend and buy stuff I didn’t ···

My Whole Life’s a Vacation

I’m sitting by my pool listening to the birds, as I often do. It feels like a vacation, but it’s just my daily life. Sometimes, ···

Facebook is So Uncool… if You’re 14

Yesterday, I sat in a packed auditorium to witness my son’s 8th grade graduation ceremony. At one point, a 14-year-old girl at the podium gently ···