See the World Through New Eyes

I’d like to show everyone I meet how truly beautiful they are on the inside. Each one of us is filled with these patterns of sacred geometry, the same stuff that creates worlds. And we can see these patterns by tapping into the seeds of the mandalas that live inside us.

NineTomatoes Mandala "Get Grounded"These mandalas reflect the unconditional love that is our very nature. When we know this about ourselves, we know it about others. We see the world through new eyes. Our daily lives begin to shift. We change, become stronger, less afraid. We no longer buy into our culture’s story of materialism and false power. We know our true power. We know we’re safe. We can ride out any storm, blaze new trails, do things our own way. It’s an amazing thing!

So tell me. Do you know how absolutely stunning you are inside? Do you want to know?

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How Lee Harris Changed My Life

In the Fall of 2006, I stumbled across a website called Limitlessness and saw pictures of two young British men who got my attention. Especially Lee Harris. There was something radiating even from the picture, and it wasn’t just his handsome face and long hair. No, I could feel his heart all the way across the ocean. And it wasn’t long before I realized this meeting was no accident.

NineTomatoes Mandala "PhoenixRising" Original Drawing

I’m sure I bought all of Lee’s audios and was constantly plugged into my iPod, no matter what I was doing, absorbing what he was communicating through Zachary and Ziadora. (Zapharia turned up a little later.) The energy and words were so pure, it just felt good to listen. I started noticing shifts in myself, the way I felt around other people and the way I communicated.

At the time, I’d been inĀ  a phase like much of the world is going through now – on a spiritual quest, looking for answers to real life issues, wanting change and yearning for true purpose in my life. Listening to these channels helped with all of that. And it was just a few months later that my art channel burst open. Time for a live session with Lee.

It was October 31, 2007 and I’ll never forget it. In all my years working with healers, psychics, mediums and channels, I hadn’t come across anyone like Lee. His psychic vision, energy healing and channeling came so naturally to him, and he delivered it with such ease and gentleness that I didn’t realize the powerful effect it would have on my life.

NineTomatoes "Phoenix Rising Mandala"My art continued to pour in, and with it, one epiphany after another. Even though it was amazing, I felt a little nuts, living in my normal world with what felt like a big, fat secret. So in 2008, I signed up to do Lee’s Freedom Program – 5 sessions on Release, Trust, Open, Receive and Awaken – a juicy combination of intuitive counseling, channels from the Zs, and Q&A. The power in the energy I absorbed from those sessions continues to expand, even to this day.

The point is, all those years ago when I first discovered Lee, there was something growing in me that wanted to open and come into the world, to reach people in its own way. I can’t help thinking that part of myself knew just who it wanted to help me, and brought Lee into my life at the perfect time. If you’re feeling something birthing in you, and you’re open to expanding your energy, I can’t recommend him highly enough. Absorb what he’s sharing. It’ll change your life, too.


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Unconditional Love

When the name NineTomatoes landed in me, the same way my drawings do, I just trusted it. Seven years later, it’s become the cornerstone of my life’s work. Originally, I researched the number Nine and the etymology of the word Tomatoes. Plenty of wonderful insights.

My favorite Nine thoughts from The Library of ialexandriah

“Of all the single digit numbers, nine (9) may be the most profound. Composed of three trinities (3 times 3 equals 9), nine represents the principles of the sacred Triad taken to their utmost expression. The Chaldeans believed 9 to be sacred, and kept it apart in their numerology from the other numbers. Nine has been and in some cases still is considered thrice sacred and represents perfection, balance, order — in effect, the supreme superlative.”

And lots of juicy tidbits from The Epicurean Table about Tomatoes. Aside from being well known as Love Apples, apparently they’re “deemed the very symbol of woman – tempting, bewitching, and a threat to male dominance.” Only love can threaten fear.

Off and on, over the years, I thought about these seemingly random ideas until one day it all gelled together. The sacred, supreme Nine. The loving, feminine Tomato. To me, NineTomatoes means Unconditional Love – Unconditionally Loving Mandalas from the Sacred Geometry of Source, here to inspire us all to live from Love, not Fear.

NineTomatoes Mandala "Tomatoes"

…in loving memory of my Angel, Sonny, who loved me unconditionally.

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Black and White

Even when something seems black and white, there’s more than one way to look at it. Always a connection to be made, a shift in perspective that can dramatically alter our view of the world… if we’re paying attention.

NineTomatoes Mandala "Black and White"


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Create Your Own Mandala

NineTomatoes-140819-Draw-800One of the easiest ways to start a conversation with Divine Wisdom is to create your own mandala. The seed is a simple drawing that you do with a black, felt tip pen on white paper.

NineTomatoes Mandala "Divine Communication"
Start with circles and lines, letting your hand move where it wants to. Let go of any tension and feel the freedom in it. Don’t judge what you draw, just enjoy it!

Send in a scan or picture and I’ll use your drawing to create your own, unique NineTomatoes Mandala.
Here’s how.


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Drawing Exercise

Just like everyone else, I’m feeling the world spinning faster and faster. It’s my number one priority to stay centered, and so, of course, I make a lot of mandalas. But the first step to that process is drawing, and it’s that action that takes me inside where I can actually find my center.

Here’s a drawing exercise to try when you want to dive into your center:NineTomatoes Drawing Exercise Lines

Grab a pen and some paper and let yourself go. No mind. No analysis or judgment. No decisions. A good starting place is the circle. Repeat, repeat, repeat. Connect them, overlap them, bring in the Infinity symbol. But don’t get complicated. Just go where the flow pulls you. You’ll feel it as you go. Once you’re relaxed, it’s done. Now look at it. Feel it. Feel those lines inside you, evident on the page. Those lines are your energy, swirling, moving, connecting and communicating with you. What you have there is the raw material for a mandala, which will speak to you in a language only you understand.

I’m hosting a local workshop on this process in November. We’ll also look at what to do with that raw material and how awesome it is to see your own energy in a mandala.

NineTomatoes Drawing Exercise Mandala

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The rush of energy in the air overwhelms me sometimes, until I finally remember to go outside and sit on the grass. I put my feet on a tree, watch the bugs and birds and eventually reset myself. It’s not like it used to be, when I could coast for a couple weeks on one good meditation. In these times of mass release, it’s grass roots (haha) efforts, back to daily basics, and absolute focus on centering. A tall order! Luckily, I live in the woods and I have little lovely creatures to help me. A couple days ago, a gorgeous dragonfly sat on me, rhythmically pumping air all the way through his body. I watched his little stick of a self swell up then deflate, over and over in perfect peaceful bliss. It seemed he had nothing else on his mind but to Be. I didn’t have to think long to get the message.

NineTomatoes Mandala "Dragonfly"

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Think Inside the Ox – Completed

It’s been two monthNineTomatoes "Think Inside the Ox"s since I’ve posted, and that’s how long it took me to live a little and finish “Think Inside the Ox.” He’s been hanging out with the rest of the herd for a few days, and will arrive on the streets by the end of the week.

This ox is no ordinary ox. He’s alive and he brought with him soooo many gifts, not just for me, but for all who come in contact with him. He’s radiating with the guidance and wisdom of the Universe and resonating with hearts all over the community. If you get the chance, come meet him in person before he goes to oxtion.

(photo courtesy Cindy at


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Think Inside the Ox – update: June 12, 2014

NineTomatoes Mandalas - Ox June 12, 2014This Ox is big, and up on jack stands at the moment. I look so serious there, sitting under him, hand in his crotch, “bully stick” overhead. That’s just funny, so I must be concentrating. Or high on glue. Honestly, the salesperson who said Mod Podge isn’t stinky or toxic was lying to me. I have to take a nap after I work on him. The flip side is, he’s alive and we talk and generally have a lovely time together. He’s very soulful, you know. And wise. I just love him.


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Think Inside the Ox – update: May 24, 2014

I love hanging out with my ox. He’s so luscious!

Still on the first layer. Lots of tiny pieces of paper for his back end. Glue all over my hands, scissors flying, half-upside-down to see what I’m doing. He’s coming along, and I’m not in any hurry to see him go!

Tomorrow, legs. Stay tuned.

NineTomatoes Mandalas - Ox update


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