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Centering as a Lifestyle

The common word I’m hearing and reading these days is “Centered.” We must, according to all sources, get centered, be centered and stay centered. Well, ···

Sacred Geometry

Remember the ox I brought to life earlier this year? Well, he’s out in the world again, hanging with ten other oxen in a kind ···

Telepathy is the Name of the Game

Crystals are living sacred geometry, as are we, and everything we know in this life. Behind the physical, as I always say, is this amazing ···

Mandala Insight #1

Mandala insight #1 – Everything we experience is a gift. A good friend sent me flowers for my birthday. I love flowers! They’ve been influencing ···

A Drawing Could Change Your World

I’ll never forget when my 8-year-old son said to me, “Draw what’s inside you.” He said it with complete matter-of-factness, and was sitting at a ···

Think Inside the Ox Selfie Contest

Win a 20×20″ NineTomatoes Mandala print by entering the “Think Inside the Ox” Selfie Contest. Send a photo of yourself with my ox to the ···

Meditating is Out. Drawing is In.

I love what I do, but it’s not always glamorous. I have a house, a husband, kids and all the chores and errands that go ···

See the World Through New Eyes

I’d like to show everyone I meet how truly beautiful they are on the inside. Each one of us is filled with these patterns of ···

How Lee Harris Changed My Life

In the Fall of 2006, I stumbled across a website called Limitlessness and saw pictures of two young British men who got my attention. Especially ···

Unconditional Love

When the name NineTomatoes landed in me, the same way my drawings do, I just trusted it. Seven years later, it’s become the cornerstone of ···