Think Inside the Ox – update: June 12, 2014

NineTomatoes Mandalas - Ox June 12, 2014This Ox is big, and up on jack stands at the moment. I look so serious there, sitting under him, hand in his crotch, “bully stick” overhead. That’s just funny, so I must be concentrating. Or high on glue. Honestly, the salesperson who said Mod Podge isn’t stinky or toxic was lying to me. I have to take a nap after I work on him. The flip side is, he’s alive and we talk and generally have a lovely time together. He’s very soulful, you know. And wise. I just love him.


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Think Inside the Ox – update: May 24, 2014

I love hanging out with my ox. He’s so luscious!

Still on the first layer. Lots of tiny pieces of paper for his back end. Glue all over my hands, scissors flying, half-upside-down to see what I’m doing. He’s coming along, and I’m not in any hurry to see him go!

Tomorrow, legs. Stay tuned.

NineTomatoes Mandalas - Ox update


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Oh Mandalas! How do I love thee…

Oh Mandalas! How do I love thee, let me count the ways.

You show me who I really am.

You love and support me.

You’re beautiful and powerful!

You shift my vibration.

You teach me love, trust, patience and kindness.

You pick me up when I fall.

You cradle me in your center and remind me where to find myself.

You stand tall, confident, assured.. radiating unconditional love.

You dance and sing!

You stun and amaze!

You love me.

And I love you! Thank you, Mandalas, for being you and showing me that I’m you, too.


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“Think Inside the Ox” update

This project is so much fun! A lot of work, but it’s all good. Just me and the Ox. We commune for a couple hours at a time. It’s amazing how much more of his shape is evident once it’s covered with the design. This is the first layer. The larger pieces of the mandala will go on top. With every strip of paper I glue on, he’s coming to life. He’s becoming a mandala. Stay tuned for another “Think Inside the Ox” update.


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NineTomatoes Mandala Tees for Your Chakras

Come see our new NineTomatoes Mandala Tees for Your Chakras!

NineTomatoes Mandala Chakra Tees

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Love Path

NineTomatoes mandalas come from Infinite Source. They’re Pure Love and they attract love. If you’re here reading this, you’re on a love path. Nurture that love, stabilize it, and demonstrate it everywhere you go!

NineTomatoes Mandala "LOVE"

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Think Inside the Ox

The Hopewell Valley Arts Council offered me the opportunity to “decorate” an Ox, as part of their Stampede, for public display in our community. At first, I couldn’t conceptualize it. But it kept calling me. I went to all the meetings, joined the art committee, and even then wasn’t getting anywhere with a design idea. Well, I finally got it that no matter how often I asked for inspiration, it wasn’t coming until I actually sat down to work on the design. So I did, and out it came in no time.

NineTomatoes Mandala - Ox Progress 4/19/14But there was still the matter of a name. The guidelines: it should be ox-related and catchy. I’d been turning ideas around in my mind for months. But that night, I was really excited about the design and how it’d come to me like magic. After showing my husband, we got talking about something seemingly unrelated, and suddenly – boom! – it landed like a spaceship. Write that down! I said. “Think Inside the Ox” it is.

So now he’s here, living in my mudroom. He’s got a spectacular view, and after yesterday, he’s becoming a spectacular view. Here he is after one day, 25 pieces of paper meticulously cut and pasted. (Parents, note the “Thomas” chair in the corner. I just can’t part with it.) I’ll post progress pics as I go along. Oh, and if you’re local, visit Capital Health’s Art Gallery, where all the preliminary designs are on display until June 27th. Special thanks to Capital Health for sponsoring my design.


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Mandala Magic

Outside my window, it’s gray, winter white and death brown. Doesn’t that sound great?! When I realize I’m feeling the low vibe in that view, I immediately turn my head and take in a few minutes of mandala magic. That’s all I need to get back to myself. A little light, a little color, a little geometric rearranging.

NineTomatoes Mandala "Renewal"

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Green Goddess

Last night, I was spinning some lettuce for a salad. It looked so lush and beautiful with the light glistening on the wet leaves… I had to get a photo.

As the mandala came to life, I suddenly noticed a green goddess hidden in the leaves, meditating. Figures like this show up often when I work with plants, and it always makes me think about what’s really in our food. So much more to this world than meets the eye! Something to think about next time you eat a salad.

NineTomatoes Mandala "Green Goddess"

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Sensible Products of Art

Recently, I came across Joseph Campbell’s book “The Inner Reaches of Outer Space.” The title alone got my attention, but in it he delves into some of my favorite things – space, mythology, ancient cultures, symbolism, God, etc.

NineTomatoes Mandala - Space

This quote, which he borrows from Plotinus, strikes a chord -

Not all who perceive with eyes the sensible products of art are affected alike by the same object, but if they know it for the outward portrayal of an archetype subsisting in intuition, their hearts are shaken and they recapture memory of that Original.

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