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NineTomatoes-EileenBradley-pastel-whole-1000What People are saying about NineTomatoes Designs

“Just a quick note to tell you how much I am LOVING your mandalas!!!! They are so unique and vibrant and leading edge and special, they really stand out. They have SUCH depth to them, they are Fantastic!!!!” ~H. Robinson

“I love Dana’s work and am very happy she agreed to be part of these books. We first met in 2007, and several pieces of her beautiful work now sit proudly on my wall.” ~Lee Harris, channeler, author of “Energy Speaks” Vol I and Vol II

“This is SO BEAUTIFUL AND DYNAMIC. I am so moved…and I am going to bring this piece into my next event–which is a personal celebration for my new book. I feel like this piece represents what’s happening, what will happen, what is destined to happen. THANK YOU talented one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” ~Tama Kieves, author of “Inspired & Unstoppable” and “This Time I Dance”

“Absolutely GORGEOUS! What a dramatic presentation. I love the “healing heart” color you used. You are a beautiful healing artist and then some!” ~Trudy Griswold, inspirational speaker and author of “Angelspeake” and “Heaven & Beyond”

“Outrageous, Dana.  Dramatically beautiful.  Amazing. THANK YOU!” ~Antoinette Martignoni, Inner Portrait Artist

“Whenever I feel disconnected from nature, I long for the feeling to connect and I feel it again when I gaze at this mandala.” ~A. Kazmierczak

“Happy! Happy! That is the first feeling I felt when I looked at my Mandala. Words are inadequate in describing the beauty conveyed in my Mandala. I will treasure it and look at it often. Thank you! Thank you!” ~C. McKeracher

“When I look at the mandala, I feel as if I am consciously being transported to the Dream World. The center of the mandala acts like a compass that will guide my journey into the Dream Time and help me navigate my way around the dreams. Thank you again. I love the mandala!” ~David Barr, Inner Vision Health & Wellness

“I just love what you are doing. It is so vibrant and full of Love. So moving to see my photo this way. It touched my heart very deeply. You are such a blessing dear Dana. THANK YOU.” ~Marinette Lepine, TransLight Community

“Wow! Wow! This is so beautiful. It exudes joy. I absolutely love it. Thank you!” ~J Alexander

“The mandala is so lovely! Thank you! When I saw it, it made me feel like there is abundance out there and I felt comforted by it. I really needed this.” ~K. Collins

“This is such a beautiful mandala! I feel I’m in a glistening sonic pool of healing light. This mandala is so peaceful, joyous, eternal and powerfully ever expanding. Simply wonderful! Thank you so much.” ~L. Childs

“I adore it! I love the Master energy of the 12. I see faces that feel to be representative of the many aspects of all that I Am. I see the Phoenix Rising – also an intrinsic part of me – lifetimes of dying to the old and birthing the new. It’s gloriously Divine. Thank you!” ~R. Karrys

“Wow! Beautiful! I absolutely love this Mandala! I feel so peaceful and grounded when I look at it. Every time I look, I see something different. I cannot wait to meditate with it. Thank you so much.” ~A. Cognetto

“I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the mandala you created for me. It’s very emotional for me to have it here on my wall. It took me several days to get used to all the energy that is in there and to the fact that it’s actually ME I’m looking at. The mandala shows me that all is well. Looking at it, I feel healthy, calm, inspired and deeply happy and satisfied with who I am. Thank you!” ~D. Siedler

“This mandala is a portal into Sacred Space and has drawn me straight into the central energy vortex.” ~J. Bundy

“The moment my eyes saw this mandala I literally stopped. My mind went into stillness and I felt drawn down into the center. A wonderful feeling of peace and serenity flooded into my heart and I nearly wept with tears of joy. My fingers are still quivering as I type this. What a powerful and spectacular image you have created for me.” ~K. Russell

“How truly beautiful. It’s breathtaking and I love it. I see something different in it each time I look at it. Sometimes I see figures (masculine and feminine) sometimes I see geometries playing in it, the color shifts at different angles and distances. The energy is so beautiful. A combination of angelic and other-worldly. It resonates with every fiber of my being. Thank you so much! It is truly amazing.” ~K. Barrett

“I was looking for a reflection of God, and I found that my own reflection is looking at me. To understand this simple and fundamental truth is quite easy because of the wisdom of Dana’s mandala science: you take your essential vibration, process it by art, and voila, the supreme truth is right in from of you: you are a glimpse of God.” ~P. Fernandez

“OMG! OMG! This is a ZINGER into the metaphysical dimensions of color dynamics! ~D.T. Spaman

“Your designs move my soul!” ~M. Pagan